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Low cost web app & website developers and Android mobile app developers for East Grinstead, West Sussex. We are only only 58 miles away from East Grinstead. The development cost of a bespoke Android app, web app or ecommerce website for organisations in West Sussex will usually be between £2,000 and £5,000.

We are expert web, ecommerce and Android app developers for your business in East Grinstead, West Sussex. Our bespoke web, Android & ecommerce application development team specialise in cutting-edge app development and have an office only 58 miles from East Grinstead.

Useful app developers term of the day: Pre-Trained Models

Pre-trained machine learning models are models that have been trained on large datasets to perform specific tasks such as image classification, natural language processing, and speech recognition. These models have already learned the patterns and features present in the data and can be used as a starting point for developing more complex applications.

In other words, instead of starting from scratch and training a model from the ground up, developers can use pre-trained models as a foundation and fine-tune them for their specific needs. This process can save a significant amount of time and resources.

Pre-trained models are typically trained on massive datasets, often with millions of samples, and can take weeks or even months to train on powerful hardware. By using pre-trained models, developers can leverage the expertise and resources of large tech companies that have invested heavily in developing these models.

Examples of pre-trained models include Google's BERT for natural language processing, Facebook's Detectron2 for computer vision, and OpenAI's GPT-3 for language generation.

There are many pre-trained machine learning models that can be used for app development. Here are a few examples:

  1. Image classification models: These models can be used to classify images into different categories, such as identifying objects in photos or recognizing faces. Popular pre-trained models in this category include VGG, Inception, and ResNet.

  2. Object detection models: These models can be used to detect and locate objects within an image or video. Some popular pre-trained models for object detection include YOLO and Faster R-CNN.

  3. Natural language processing models: These models can be used to understand and process natural language input, such as text or speech. Some popular pre-trained models in this category include BERT, GPT-2, and RoBERTa.

  4. Recommendation models: These models can be used to recommend products, services, or content to users based on their preferences and past behavior. Popular pre-trained models in this category include collaborative filtering algorithms, such as Matrix Factorization and Singular Value Decomposition.

  5. Sentiment analysis models: These models can be used to analyze the sentiment of text data, such as customer reviews or social media posts. Some popular pre-trained models for sentiment analysis include VADER and TextBlob.

By using pre-trained machine learning models, app developers can quickly add advanced functionality to their apps without needing to build and train custom models from scratch.

Crimes reported in East Grinstead
Our custom app development prices are criminally low, but not as criminal as these events recently reported in East Grinstead.

Why are we showing recent crimes in East Grinstead West Sussex?
We are showing a few example crimes for East Grinstead reported in Jan 2024 so you can see how we can automatically integrate real-time data from various external web services. Our web app developers specialise in developing complex bespoke web app development projects which includes systems integration!

  • Windmill Lane (Under investigation)
  • Parking Area (Under investigation)
  • Windmill Lane (Under investigation)
criminal damage arson
  • Dallaway Gardens (Under investigation)
  • Lewes Road (Under investigation)
  • Parking Area (Investigation complete; no suspect identified)
  • Maypole Road (Investigation complete; no suspect identified)
  • Green Hedges Avenue (Under investigation)
  • Fairfield Road (Under investigation)
other theft
  • Heathcote Drive (Under investigation)
  • Court Crescent (Under investigation)
  • Supermarket (Under investigation)
  • Further/higher Educational Building (Under investigation)
  • Buckhurst Close (Investigation complete; no suspect identified)
possession of weapons
  • Further/higher Educational Building (Under investigation)
  • Green Hedges Avenue (Under investigation)
public order
  • Rices Hill (Under investigation)
  • Nightclub (Under investigation)
  • Queensway (Under investigation)
  • Fairfield Road (Under investigation)
  • Parking Area (Under investigation)
  • Supermarket (Investigation complete; no suspect identified)
  • King Street (Investigation complete; no suspect identified)
vehicle crime
  • Parking Area (Under investigation)
  • Windmill Lane (Investigation complete; no suspect identified)
  • Supermarket (Under investigation)
  • Parking Area (Investigation complete; no suspect identified)
  • Halsford Park Road (Investigation complete; no suspect identified)
violent crime
  • Maple Drive (Under investigation)
  • Copse Close (Under investigation)
  • Knole Grove (Under investigation)
  • Elm Drive (Under investigation)
  • Parking Area (Under investigation)
other crime
  • Newton Avenue (Under investigation)
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