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Bespoke web app developers, Android app developers and ecommerce website developers for Brownhills, Walsall. Our low cost cutting-edge app development team is only 85 miles away from Brownhills. The development cost of a bespoke Android app, web app or ecommerce website for organisations in Walsall will usually be between £2,000 and £5,000.

We develop cutting-edge, custom-made, mobile-friendly web apps, e-commerce websites and Android apps for companies in Walsall. Web, ecommerce and Android app developers you can trust to deliver modern, mobile-friendly web apps or websites as well as bespoke Android apps and ecommerce solutions only 85 miles from Brownhills.

Useful web app developers term of the day: Python

Python is a popular high-level, general-purpose programming language that was created in the late 1980s by Guido van Rossum. It is known for its simplicity, ease of use, and flexibility, and has become one of the most widely used programming languages in the world.

Python supports a variety of programming paradigms, including procedural, functional, and object-oriented programming. Its syntax is designed to be clear and concise, with an emphasis on readability and maintainability. Python also has a large standard library, which provides developers with a wide range of built-in functions and modules to use in their programs.

Some key features of Python include:

  • Dynamic typing: Variables in Python are dynamically typed, meaning that their data type is inferred at runtime rather than being declared explicitly.

  • Automatic memory management: Python uses garbage collection to automatically manage memory, making it easier for developers to focus on writing code rather than managing memory.

  • Interpreted: Python code is executed by an interpreter, which makes it easy to write and test code quickly.

  • Cross-platform: Python is available for a wide range of platforms, including Windows, Linux, and macOS.

Python is used for a variety of applications, including web development, data science, machine learning, automation, and scripting. Its popularity is due in part to its large and active community, which has created a wealth of libraries, frameworks, and tools to support Python development.

Python is a high-level, interpreted programming language that is known for its simplicity, readability, and ease of use. It was created in the late 1980s by Guido van Rossum and was first released in 1991. Python is an object-oriented programming language, which means it allows developers to create objects that can interact with each other.

Python is an open-source language, which means that the source code is freely available for anyone to use, modify, and distribute. It has a large and active community of developers who contribute to its development, create libraries and modules for use with Python, and provide support and resources for users.

One of the main advantages of Python is its versatility. It can be used for a wide range of applications, including web development, scientific computing, data analysis, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. Python is also platform-independent, which means that it can run on any operating system, including Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.

Python code is written in a simple and easy-to-read syntax, which makes it easy for beginners to learn and understand. Python also has a vast library of modules and packages, which allows developers to quickly and easily add functionality to their applications.

Some of the popular frameworks and libraries for Python include Django, Flask, NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib, TensorFlow, and PyTorch.

Overall, Python is a versatile, powerful, and easy-to-learn programming language that has a wide range of applications and a large and active community of developers.

Crimes reported in Brownhills
Our custom app development prices are criminally low, but not as criminal as these events recently reported in Brownhills.

What's with the crime stats?
We thought we would show you some Brownhills crimes reported in Jan 2024 to highlight how external cloud-based API data can be integrated within apps.

  • Sadler Road (Under investigation)
  • Supermarket (Investigation complete; no suspect identified)
criminal damage arson
  • Lichfield Road (Under investigation)
  • Supermarket (Unable to prosecute suspect)
  • Hay Grove (Unable to prosecute suspect)
  • Quayside (Unable to prosecute suspect)
  • Lindon Road (Under investigation)
  • Birch Avenue (Offender given a caution)
other theft
  • Lichfield Road (Under investigation)
  • Lindon Drive (Investigation complete; no suspect identified)
  • St Marks Road (Investigation complete; no suspect identified)
  • Lichfield Road (Investigation complete; no suspect identified)
possession of weapons
  • School Avenue (Under investigation)
  • Lindon Road (Under investigation)
  • School Avenue (Under investigation)
  • A452 (Under investigation)
public order
  • Supermarket (Unable to prosecute suspect)
  • Church Street (Under investigation)
  • Lindon Road (Unable to prosecute suspect)
  • Fullelove Road (Under investigation)
  • Rose Drive (Under investigation)
  • Supermarket (Unable to prosecute suspect)
  • Parking Area (Investigation complete; no suspect identified)
  • Supermarket (Unable to prosecute suspect)
  • Short Street (Unable to prosecute suspect)
  • Supermarket (Investigation complete; no suspect identified)
vehicle crime
  • Bradbury Close (Unable to prosecute suspect)
  • Chester Road North (Under investigation)
  • Sandy Grove (Investigation complete; no suspect identified)
  • Springhill Road (Under investigation)
  • Ogley Road (Investigation complete; no suspect identified)
violent crime
  • Merlin Close (Under investigation)
  • Shopping Area (Unable to prosecute suspect)
  • Supermarket (Under investigation)
  • Brownhills Road (Investigation complete; no suspect identified)
  • Brickiln Street (Unable to prosecute suspect)
other crime
  • Poplar Road (Under investigation)
  • Cygnet Drive (Under investigation)
  • Towpath Drive (Under investigation)
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