Bespoke Web App Development: Razor

Bespoke Web App Development: Razor

ASP.NET Razor is a markup syntax that allows developers to embed server-based code (C# or VB.NET) into web pages. Razor was introduced with ASP.NET MVC and is also available in ASP.NET Core.

Razor provides a clean and concise syntax for creating dynamic web pages that are easy to read and maintain. Razor files have the .cshtml or .vbhtml extension and are compiled into executable code that is executed on the server.

Razor allows you to mix HTML markup and server-based code, making it easy to create dynamic content on your web pages. You can use Razor to generate HTML, format text, or perform complex data manipulations.

Razor also supports a wide range of features, including layouts, sections, and partial views, which allow you to create reusable templates and organize your code more effectively.

Overall, Razor is a powerful tool for building dynamic web applications that can help you improve productivity and reduce development time.

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