Bespoke Web App Development: MVC

Bespoke Web App Development: MVC

MVC, or Model-View-Controller, is a software design pattern that separates an application's user interface, data, and control logic into three interconnected components.

The three components of MVC are:

  1. Model: This represents the data and business logic of the application. It encapsulates the application's data and behavior, including its rules and algorithms.

  2. View: This is the user interface or presentation layer of the application. It is responsible for displaying the data to the user and providing them with a means to interact with the application.

  3. Controller: This component manages the user's interaction with the application, taking input from the user and updating the model and view accordingly. It acts as an intermediary between the model and the view, handling user requests and updating the view with the latest data from the model.

MVC is a popular pattern for developing applications because it promotes separation of concerns and modularity, making it easier to maintain and extend the application over time. By keeping the data, user interface, and control logic separate, changes can be made to one component without affecting the others, allowing for greater flexibility and scalability.

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