Bespoke Web App Development: Bootstrap Icons

Bespoke Web App Development: Bootstrap Icons

Bootstrap Icons is a free and open-source icon set designed to work with the Bootstrap framework. The icon set includes over 1,500 icons, including popular icons such as Font Awesome, Material Design icons, and Glyphicons.

Bootstrap Icons is designed to be used with Bootstrap and can be easily added to your projects using a variety of methods. The icon set is available as an SVG sprite, an icon font, or as individual SVG files. This makes it easy to customize and use the icons in a way that works best for your project.

In addition to the standard icon set, Bootstrap Icons also includes a set of country flags and a set of payment method icons.

Bootstrap Icons is maintained by the Bootstrap team and is licensed under the MIT License. It is a popular choice for web developers who want to add high-quality icons to their Bootstrap projects without relying on external icon libraries.

Bootstrap Icons is a collection of open source icons designed to work with the Bootstrap framework. The icons are designed using SVG and are available as an icon font or as individual SVG files. They are designed to be scalable, customizable, and easy to use in web projects.

The Bootstrap Icons library includes over 1,500 icons, including popular icon sets like Font Awesome, Material Design Icons, and Octicons. The icons cover a wide range of categories, including common user interface elements, such as arrows, buttons, and form controls, as well as social media icons, payment icons, and more.

To use Bootstrap Icons in your project, you can download the icon font or the SVG files and include them in your HTML code. You can then use the icon classes to add icons to your HTML elements. For example, to add a search icon to a search input field, you can use the following code:

<div class="input-group"> <input type="text" class="form-control" placeholder="Search"> <div class="input-group-append"> <span class="input-group-text"> <i class="bi bi-search"></i> </span> </div> </div>

In this example, the bi class is used to indicate that the icon is from the Bootstrap Icons library, and the bi-search class is used to specify the search icon.

Bootstrap Icons is a popular and useful resource for web designers and developers who are building responsive, mobile-first web projects using the Bootstrap framework.

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