Bespoke Web App Development: SSH

Bespoke Web App Development: SSH

SSH (Secure Shell) is a network protocol used to securely access a remote computer or server over an unsecured network such as the internet. It provides a secure, encrypted connection between two devices, allowing data to be exchanged securely.

SSH is commonly used by system administrators and developers to remotely manage servers or to securely transfer files between two computers. The SSH protocol is designed to replace older, less secure protocols such as Telnet and FTP.

When using SSH, a client application establishes a secure connection to a server, which allows the client to access the server's command-line interface or execute commands on the remote machine. The connection is encrypted, which means that any data sent over the network is protected from eavesdropping and other forms of network-based attacks.

SSH uses public-key cryptography to authenticate the client and server, and to establish an encryption key that is used to protect the connection. This makes it extremely difficult for attackers to intercept or tamper with the data being transmitted.

Overall, SSH is an important tool for securing remote access to computers and servers, and it is widely used in enterprise and personal computing environments.

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