Bespoke Web App Development: .NET

Bespoke Web App Development: .NET

.NET is a software development framework developed by Microsoft. It provides a programming model and libraries for developing a wide range of applications, including desktop, web, mobile, gaming, and IoT applications. .NET includes a runtime environment, called the Common Language Runtime (CLR), which manages the execution of .NET programs.

There are several programming languages that can be used with .NET, including C#, F#, and Visual Basic. .NET also includes a set of libraries, called the .NET Framework Class Library, which provides a wide range of functionality for building applications.

In addition to the .NET Framework, Microsoft also provides a cross-platform implementation of .NET, called .NET Core. .NET Core can be used to build applications for Windows, Linux, and macOS. Microsoft has also introduced a new implementation of .NET, called .NET 5, which combines the best features of .NET Framework and .NET Core.

.NET is a software development framework created by Microsoft that supports building and running applications for Windows, web, and mobile platforms. It includes a large set of libraries and tools for developing and deploying applications, as well as runtime environments for executing them.

The .NET framework consists of several components, including the Common Language Runtime (CLR), which provides a managed execution environment for code written in different programming languages; the Base Class Library (BCL), a collection of reusable classes and types that provide basic functionality for developing applications; and the .NET Compiler, which compiles code written in different languages such as C#, Visual Basic, and F# into intermediate language (IL) code that can be executed on any platform that supports .NET.

In addition to the core framework, there are also several other .NET-related technologies, such as ASP.NET for building web applications, WPF for building desktop applications, and Xamarin for building mobile applications for iOS and Android.

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