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Please see below some recent news regarding tools, platforms, frameworks, libraries and programming languages essential for the development of affordable, cutting-edge, bespoke apps.

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Microsoft highlights .NET 8 Hardware Intrinsics features
Additional hardware functionality via APIs so the bespoke web apps we develop can take advantage of users' underlying hardware, e.g. WebAssembly support so that core algorithms can be accelerated.
11 December 2023
Google launches Gemini AI model
Gemini was designed for flexibility, so it can run on everything from data centres to mobile devices. It's been optimized for three different sizes: Ultra, Pro and Nano (for on-device tasks).
6 December 2023
Apple launches release candidate versions of iOS 17.2 & iPadOS 17.2
Developing and testing our bespoke Apple iOS apps on beta versions of iOS 17.2 & iPadOS 17.2 allows our app developers to confirm that the apps we develop will work as expected on these new releases.
5 December 2023
Android Studio Hedgehog launched
Android Studio is the official Integrated development environment (IDE) for building Android apps. This new version has features designed to improve app performance and battery life and upgrade apps.
30 November 2023
TypeScript 5.3 launches today
Microsoft announced today the release of TypeScript 5.3! If you're not familiar with TypeScript, it's a language that adds type syntax to JavaScript to bring type-checking.
20 November 2023
Android provides new APIs for adaptive layouts in alpha Jetpack Compose release
Developing bespoke Android apps that perform well on phones, foldables, and tablets will get easier. Android's new Jetpack Compose simplifies UI design so content appears correctly on all device types
16 November 2023
Dart 3.2 programming language launched today
Dart is a modern, open-source programming language developed by Google. This version 3.2 includes Wasm (or WebAssembly), a platform-neutral, binary code format for execution in modern browsers.
15 November 2023
Google launches Flutter 3.16
Allowing app developers to build great apps from a single, shared code base for app users on mobile (Apple's iOS & Google's Android), web, and desktop.
15 November 2023
Microsoft launches .NET MAUI in .NET 8
The latest major stable release of .NET MAUI in .NET 8 dropped today allowing app developers to create applications that can run on multiple platforms, such as iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS.
14 November 2023
C# 12 released as part of .NET 8
C# (pronounced "C sharp") is a versatile, modern, and object-oriented programming language developed by Microsoft and is an excellent choice for a wide range of application development scenarios.
14 November 2023
Google launches Angular v17 and
Google launches Angular version 17, setting new standards in performance for the development of cutting-edge bespoke apps. Also launched today was a new developer portal,
8 November 2023
Android launches alpha version of Telecom Library
Telecom jetpack library is now in alpha for Android app developers who create voice and/or video calling applications, with improved VoIP calling across Android devices (phones and smartwatches).
2 November 2023
IoT devices connected via 2G and 3G are being switched off
According to Ericsson’s latest Mobility Report, IoT devices connected via 2G and 3G are being switched off, with 4G connecting the majority.
1 November 2023
Android Credential Manager
Using Google Identity Services (GIS) with Android's Credential Manager also supports passkeys, creating a unified interface for users and a single API for Android app developers.
26 October 2023
Dapr v1.12 released today
Dapr, which stands for Distributed Application Runtime, is an open-source, portable, event-driven runtime that simplifies the development of microservices and distributed applications.
11 October 2023
Electron 27.0.0 is released today
Electron version 27.0.0 includes upgrades to Chromium 118.0.5993.32, V8 11.8, and Node.js 18.17.1. Electron is a framework for building desktop applications using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.
10 October 2023
React launches React Server Components
React Server Components (or RSC) is a new application architecture designed by the React team that run ahead of time and are excluded from the JavaScript bundle.
3 March 2023
Google Announces Flutter for Windows
Flutter 2.10 enables the development of high-quality Windows apps that also run as native apps on Android and iOS devices as well as web platforms - all from the same codebase!
4 February 2022
Docker supporting COVID-19 genomic monitoring
The efficient nature of Docker containerisation has transformed how public health disease monitoring is performed and grown the scale of the viral monitoring effort.
26 January 2022
Google launches new Bumblebee version of Android Studio
Android Studio is the officially supported IDE for developing Android apps and building app packages for installation on Android devices.
25 January 2022
Discontinued Long Term Support for AngularJS
AngularJS is a JavaScript-based open-source front-end web framework for developing web applications. It was created by Google and maintained by a community of app developers.
11 January 2022
Node.js security release to fix Certificate Verification Bypass via String Injection
This fixes a vulnerability reported by Google where attackers could craft certificate subjects that bypass the certificate subject verification used by third party code using Node.js.
10 January 2022
PyTorch releases TorchVision’s New Multi-Weight Support API
The open-source machine learning framework's new API allows loading different pre-trained weights on the same model variant whilst keeping track of vital meta-data such as the classification labels.
22 December 2021
Google issues Android app architecture guide to Android app developers
Getting an app's foundations right from the outset is essential to improving the bespoke Android app's quality, scalability, robustness, and make it easier to test.
14 December 2021
ReSharper now offers support for Visual Studio 2022
ReSharper extends Visual Studio with over 2200 on-the-fly code inspections for C#. Our developers can get quickly to any code in a solution, no matter how large the solution is.
8 December 2021
Version 2.15 of the Dart SDK is released
Dart is a programming language developed by Google for developing fast apps on any platform. Dart provides the language and runtimes that power Flutter apps.
8 December 2021
Kubernetes 1.23 is released with 47 enhancements
Kubernetes defines a set of building blocks that collectively provide mechanisms that deploy, maintain, and scale applications based on CPU, memory or custom metrics.
7 December 2021
Improvements for gRPC in .NET 6
.NET 6 further improves gRPC’s already great performance and adds a new range of features that make gRPC better than ever in modern cloud-native apps.
6 December 2021
Swagger via Swashbuckle and ASP.NET Core is released
An embedded version of the Swagger UI tool. It interprets Swagger JSON to build a rich, customizable experience for describing the web API functionality built by our app developers and app engineers.
1 December 2021
Microsoft announces preview of Azure Load Testing
Enabling our app developers and testers to generate high-scale load with custom scripts to catch and fix performance bottlenecks at scale.
30 November 2021
New Sass JS API is released
A new JavaScript API is now fully implemented in Sass which is the most mature, stable, and powerful CSS extension language in the world. Sass is a stylesheet language that’s compiled to CSS.
21 November 2021
TypeScript 4.5 released
TypeScript is a programming language that builds on JavaScript and is a popular choice for programmers used to developing web apps in C# and Android apps in Java.
17 November 2021