Google launches new Bumblebee version of Android Studio
(25 January 2022)

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5 December 2023
Google launches new Bumblebee version of Android Studio
Android Studio is the officially supported IDE for developing Android apps and building the app packages for installation on Android devices. 
Android Studio Bumblebee is a major release that includes a variety of new features and improvements making our Android app developers even more productive.
New Device Manager
This new tool window in Bumblebee makes it easier to see and manage virtual and physical test devices.

  • A Virtual tab allows our Android app developers to create, manage, and deploy virtual devices and quickly inspect the device with a single click.

  • A Physical tab that allows our app engineers to quickly pair to a new device using ADB Wifi and see details of each physical device at a glance. We can also quickly inspect each device’s file system with a click of a button.
Inspect Jobs, Alarms, and Wakelocks
The Background Task Inspector now allows our Android app developers to inspect an app’s Jobs, Alarms, and Wakelocks, in addition to the existing support for inspecting Workers. Each type of asynchronous task now appears under the appropriate heading in the inspector tab, allowing our app engineers to easily monitor its status and progress.

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