Low cost web & Android app development for Saffron Walden Essex

We develop affordable cutting-edge web apps, Android apps and ecommerce websites. Providing bespoke app development services since the year 2000, we are only 24 miles from Saffron Walden, Essex. The development cost of a bespoke Android app, web app or ecommerce website for organisations in Essex will usually be between £2,000 and £5,000.
We develop advanced, bespoke, Android apps, mobile-friendly web applications and e-commerce websites for Essex organisations who want state-of-the-art web and mobile applications at down-to-earth prices.

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A random fact!
Saffron Walden is 24 miles from our app development office in Hitchin and 24 also happens to be the Android API level - Android 7.0 (API level 24) - which introduced system behavior changes aimed at improving the battery life of devices and reducing RAM usage and affecting the Android app's access to system resources such as Doze which improves battery life by deferring CPU and network activities when a user leaves a device unplugged, stationary, and with the screen turned off. (Android 7.0 Behavior Changes).

Our custom app development prices are criminally low, but not as criminal as these events recently reported in Saffron Walden

How safe is Saffron Walden Essex?
Here are some May 2022 crimes for Saffron Walden which we have added to show you how our software engineers can integrate data from external sources in web apps.

Not happy with the Saffron Walden crime clear up rates shown below? Try sending a letter to your Conservative MP for Saffron Walden, Alan Haselhurst.

  • Hamilton Mews (Investigation complete; no suspect identified)
criminal damage arson
  • Upshers (Investigation complete; no suspect identified)
  • Harvey Way (Under investigation)
other theft
  • Horn Book (Investigation complete; no suspect identified)
  • Ferguson Close (Investigation complete; no suspect identified)
  • Dawson Close (Under investigation)
  • Everitt Road (Investigation complete; no suspect identified)
public order
  • Chaters Hill (Under investigation)
  • Hollyhock Road (Under investigation)
  • Elizabeth Close (Investigation complete; no suspect identified)
  • Highfields (Under investigation)
  • Horn Book (Under investigation)
vehicle crime
  • Harvey Way (Investigation complete; no suspect identified)
violent crime
  • Sheds Lane (Under investigation)
  • Horn Book (Under investigation)
  • Goddard Way (Under investigation)
  • Harvey Way (Under investigation)
  • Whiteshot Way (Under investigation)
other crime
  • Crocus Fields (Under investigation)