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Bespoke web app developers, Android app developers and ecommerce website developers for Epsom, Surrey. Our low cost cutting-edge app development team is only 42 miles away from Epsom. The development cost of a bespoke Android app, web app or ecommerce website for organisations in Surrey will usually be between £2,000 and £5,000.

We develop cutting-edge, custom-made, mobile-friendly web apps, e-commerce websites and Android apps for companies in Surrey. Web, ecommerce and Android app developers you can trust to deliver modern, mobile-friendly web apps or websites as well as bespoke Android apps and ecommerce solutions only 42 miles from Epsom.

Learn a new useless fact each day!
As well as the wonderful town of Epsom being 42 miles from our app development office in Hitchin, 42 is also the atomic mass of one of the naturally occurring stable isotopes of calcium and "to calcify" means to become inflexible or unchanging. Here at New Media Aid we do the opposite of calcifying by always keeping ahead of the curve with regard to low-cost cutting-edge Android app development..

Useful app developers term of the day: PlaidML

PlaidML is an open-source deep learning framework developed by Intel. It is designed to be flexible, portable, and scalable, allowing developers to build and deploy machine learning models across a wide range of devices, including CPUs, GPUs, and FPGAs.

Some of the key features of PlaidML include:

  1. Cross-platform compatibility: PlaidML is compatible with a wide range of hardware and software platforms, including Windows, Linux, macOS, and Android.

  2. High-performance computation: PlaidML includes optimizations that can improve the speed and efficiency of neural network computations, including support for multiple precision modes.

  3. Flexibility: PlaidML provides a high-level, Python-based API that is easy to use, making it suitable for developers with varying levels of experience.

  4. Portability: PlaidML is designed to be portable across different hardware platforms, allowing developers to deploy machine learning models to a wide range of devices.

  5. Integration with other libraries: PlaidML integrates well with other deep learning libraries, including TensorFlow and Keras, allowing developers to use these libraries with PlaidML for improved performance and flexibility.

Overall, PlaidML is a powerful and flexible deep learning framework that offers a range of features for building and deploying machine learning models. Its cross-platform compatibility, high-performance computation, and integration with other libraries make it a popular choice for machine learning developers and researchers.

Crimes reported in Epsom
Our custom app development prices are criminally low, but not as criminal as these events recently reported in Epsom.

What's with the crime stats?
We thought we would show you some Epsom crimes reported in Jan 2024 to highlight how external cloud-based API data can be integrated within apps.

bicycle theft
  • Bishopsmead Close (Investigation complete; no suspect identified)
  • Kiln Lane (Investigation complete; no suspect identified)
  • Theatre/concert Hall (Under investigation)
  • The Parade (Investigation complete; no suspect identified)
  • Longdown Lane North (Investigation complete; no suspect identified)
  • Village Gardens (Unable to prosecute suspect)
  • A232 (Under investigation)
  • Albert Road (Under investigation)
  • Depot Road (Under investigation)
criminal damage arson
  • Shopping Area (Investigation complete; no suspect identified)
  • Theatre/concert Hall (Under investigation)
  • Somerset Close (Under investigation)
  • Nightclub (Under investigation)
  • Adelphi Road (Under investigation)
  • Windsor Gardens (Under investigation)
other theft
  • Nightclub (Investigation complete; no suspect identified)
  • Middle Lane (Investigation complete; no suspect identified)
  • B288 (Investigation complete; no suspect identified)
  • Supermarket (Under investigation)
  • Parking Area (Investigation complete; no suspect identified)
possession of weapons
  • Dee Way (Under investigation)
public order
  • Almond Road (Unable to prosecute suspect)
  • Parking Area (Investigation complete; no suspect identified)
  • Chamberlain Close (Investigation complete; no suspect identified)
  • Supermarket (Under investigation)
  • Theatre/concert Hall (Under investigation)
  • Epsom (Investigation complete; no suspect identified)
  • Pound Lane (Under investigation)
  • Theatre/concert Hall (Under investigation)
  • Prospect Place (Under investigation)
  • Epsom (Under investigation)
theft from the person
  • Shopping Area (Unable to prosecute suspect)
  • Parking Area (Under investigation)
  • Middle Lane (Investigation complete; no suspect identified)
vehicle crime
  • Hazel Mead (Investigation complete; no suspect identified)
  • Temple Road (Under investigation)
  • Delaporte Close (Investigation complete; no suspect identified)
  • Windsor Gardens (Investigation complete; no suspect identified)
  • Further/higher Educational Building (Investigation complete; no suspect identified)
violent crime
  • Waterloo Road (Under investigation)
  • A2022 (Under investigation)
  • Rutland Close (Under investigation)
  • Theatre/concert Hall (Under investigation)
  • Andover Close (Under investigation)
other crime
  • Dee Way (Under investigation)
  • Downside (Action to be taken by another organisation)
  • Hollymoor Lane (Investigation complete; no suspect identified)
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