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Bespoke web app developers, Android app developers and ecommerce website developers for Bromley, Greater London. Our low cost cutting-edge app development team is only 40 miles away from Bromley. The development cost of a bespoke Android app, web app or ecommerce website for organisations in Greater London will usually be between £2,000 and £5,000.

We develop cutting-edge, custom-made, mobile-friendly web apps, e-commerce websites and Android apps for companies in Greater London. Web, ecommerce and Android app developers you can trust to deliver modern, mobile-friendly web apps or websites as well as bespoke Android apps and ecommerce solutions only 40 miles from Bromley.

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As well as the wonderful borough of Bromley being 40 miles from our app development office in Hitchin, 40 is also the number in the expression "forty winks", meaning a short sleep. You won't find us sleeping on the job, we'll develop your bespoke Android app on time and on budget!.

Useful web app developers term of the day: NDA

A Software NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) is a legal contract that is used to protect confidential information related to software development. This agreement is signed between two or more parties that agree to keep certain information confidential and not to disclose it to others without the written consent of the disclosing party.

The information that is typically covered under a software NDA includes the source code of the software, algorithms, technical specifications, user data, and other proprietary information related to the software development process.

The purpose of a software NDA is to ensure that the parties involved in the development process are able to share sensitive information without the risk of it being disclosed to unauthorized third parties. This helps to protect the competitive advantage of the software development company and can be an important factor in securing investments, partnerships, or other business deals.

Some key elements that are typically included in a software NDA include:

  • The definition of what constitutes confidential information
  • The duration of the agreement
  • The scope of the confidentiality obligation
  • The exclusions to the confidentiality obligation (e.g. information that is already publicly available)
  • The consequences of breaching the agreement, including any damages that may be awarded in the event of a breach.

It is important to seek legal advice before entering into a software NDA, as the terms of the agreement can have significant implications for both parties.

A software NDA, or Non-Disclosure Agreement, is a legal agreement between two or more parties that outlines confidential information that is to be shared for the purpose of developing software. The NDA establishes a legal obligation for each party to keep the information confidential and not to disclose it to any third party without prior written consent.

In the context of software development, an NDA can be used to protect sensitive information, such as the source code, algorithms, software architecture, and other technical details. The NDA can be signed by software developers, contractors, or any other parties involved in the development process.

A typical software NDA includes clauses such as:

  • Definition of the confidential information
  • Obligations of the receiving party to keep the information confidential
  • Exclusions from the obligation of confidentiality
  • Obligations of the receiving party regarding the use of the confidential information
  • Term of the agreement and termination clauses
  • Remedies for breach of the agreement

It is important to consult with a legal professional when drafting and signing a software NDA, to ensure that the agreement is enforceable and provides adequate protection for the confidential information.

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