What’s new with Android for Cars?

We can help you to build apps that help users connect on the road through Android Automotive OS and Android Auto. Users who have a vehicle with Android Automotive OS can install your app onto their vehicle's infotainment system. Android Auto lets users connect their phone (Android 5.0 or higher) to a compatible vehicle to display a driver-optimized version of your app directly on the console.

Android Auto, which allows users to connect their phone to their car display, now has over 100 million compatible cars on the road and is supported by nearly every major car manufacturer. Porsche is our newest partner and they will begin shipping Android Auto on new cars, starting summer 2021 with the Porsche 911.

The Android team have been working closely with car manufacturers to build an even better Android Auto experience by enabling wireless projection in more vehicles, extending availability to more countries, and continuing to launch new features, like integration into the instrument cluster. To see some of the newest Android Auto technology in the BMW iX, check out the video below.

Build media apps

Build media apps such as music, radio, and audiobook players that users can install in their Android-powered vehicle, project into their vehicle from their phone, or use on their phone while on the road.

Build messaging apps

Build messaging apps that receive incoming notifications, read messages using text-to-speech, and let users reply through the Android Auto app using their voice while on the road.

Build navigation, parking, and charging apps

Build navigation, parking, and charging apps for Android Auto that help users get where they want to go, find a place to park, or locate the nearest charging station.